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Formative Years

Founded in 2003, Paper Solutions Inc. (PSI) is a privately-held company started as a paper converter using years’ of experience in paper buying and print industry.

The process of converting rolls into sheets augmented our knowledge on the importance of paper characteristics, most notably, roughness, formation, moisture and other paper properties. As print runs started getting shorter, we divested converting and diversified into distribution of prime-quality printing and writing fine papers.

Our focus

Our converting experience during formative years taught us two valuable lessons: 'pure consistent performance' and 'focused low cost'.

Pure Consistent Performance Strategy

Technological advances in faster printing equipment and high customer expectations demand superior quality. No printer wants press downtime or excessive spoilage due to non-uniformity in the sheet. But paper characteristics cannot be judged with the naked eyes. We use stringent testing methods to test paper properties and then conduct numerous trial runs on printing equipment before sourcing. As a result, we supply papers with outstanding quality consistent with every order. 

Focused Low Cost Strategy
Printing is notoriously competitive and low-margin. Printers need aggressive pricing to win jobs. The first thing we do is constantly analyze our supply chain and streamline operations to improve efficiencies driving down costs. While our volume leveraging helps us to achieve cost reductions. This allows us to pass on savings to customers in the form of a lower price than the industry average.

Solutions for your paper needs

Despite the challenging competing conditions, print is finding confidence again. Paper is still one of the significant costs - general assumption is 25% - of the value of a printing job. Re-think paper and you may find lots of room to improve metrics. We can provide you custom-tailor solutions to match your exact paper needs.

Best of Both Worlds

Paper Solutions Inc Logo is a perfect marriage of outstanding quality and competitive pricing. Call us for samples and press trial.  
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